Kitchen Incubator Automation

In the United States over the past several years, Kitchen Incubators also known as Shared Kitchens have increasing need for this type of service. The large demand on entrepreneural Chefs’ involved in catering, meal preparation and cold packing have driven them to find a Kitchen solution, without investing into a commercial kitchen.

The challenge of opening a Kitchen Incubator along with meeting the needs of its members is a complex endeavor. Automation is the key. We can lower the risk and typically low margins by maximizing the use of the kitchen along with a advanced scheduling process. Along these lines, automation will solve many of the highly complex operational issues that exist for most Kitchens today.

Below are some of the Key issues we have identified:

Membership Challenges

Scheduling Issues

Optimizing Kitchen Use

Sales and Marketing issues

Billing Issues

Compliance Issues

Consultation & Course Issues

Partnership Challenges

Are you part of the Statistic?

90% of Kitchen Incubators across the country have less than 5 full time employee’s.  Therefore, to manage the entire operation of the Kitchens and its members it is extremely time consuming and frustrating due to all the moving parts.

Technology Challenges?

We have found that most incubators struggle to find the right technologies to run their entire business. There are a multitude of business functions that have to be addressed and be integrated with each other to run an efficient operation. Most incubators have had to find a scheduling tool as that is simply critical, however the tool did not address the compliance and optimization needed to manage a Kitchen. The rest was often managed using excel!

Don’t lose hope, we have a Solution for you!

End to End automation of the entire Kitchen Incubator business!

Our team of experts will review your entire operations, determine the best approach to solve your concerns/pain points and give you the platform that are needed to increase your business productivity. We will streamline internal operations in addition to prospect, member facing needs! This will allow your team to focus on more productive parts of the business.

Scheduling Management

Schedule the Kitchen by the hour, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The power of a customized platform will allow you to schedule the amenities in the kitchen to align with your membership programs.  LEARN MORE

Member Management

Sign up new members online creating various private and public memberships.  Empower members to have access to specific products, schedules or amenities.  Create specific member based pricing per item.  Automate your monthly membership billing and let the technology do the work collecting their dues.  LEARN MORE

Customer Relationship Management

Are you managing your prospect, lead, partner and customer database offline in technologies like Excel!  Well, now you can have complete control and see all your orders in one system.  View a Company  and its employees and see exactly what schedules, billing, orders have transacted in the system.  Complete Control.  Analyze the data through our reporting / dashboard functions.  LEARN MORE

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